No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces

No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces

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No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces(Pack Of 12 Laces)

Works In All Sneakers(One Size)

Easy to install: One size fits all elastic shoelaces. Customizable fit with a variety of lacing techniques. Each pack contains 12 laces.(7.5cmX3,7cmX3,6.5cmX3)
Original No-Tie technology: Fasten Kids no tie laces once and never tie your shoes again. Kids turns lace up shoes into slipons.
Comfort and Support: Elastic Laces for kids are made with an elastic memory fit material that conforms to the feet providing comfort and support.
Fun colors: Kids Elastic Shoelaces come in a variety of classic and neon colors that add fun and life to all shoes.
The unique material makes them durable in different conditions and water resistant.