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Trustworthiness of Reviews

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Reviews can be a wonderful thing. They can let you know in advance the quality of an item or service... at least from one person's point of view. This can be an invaluable resource to companies that need to convince their consumers to buy their products or they can be a very big liability. Depending on the kind of review the products or services are getting it might very well make or break the company or product.

So having such huge importance companies need to find ways to ensure the reviews they get are good ones. Unfortunately for them the only way to do this is to provide consumers and would be reviewers with good products and services that meet the standards of those that give the reviews. Furthermore when you think about it, a lot of things have to go right for people to have a good time and leave a review. Given these difficulties it's easy to see why a company might struggle to get good reviews even though they have a decent product. Companies will do all sorts of things to try and get people to leave good reviews. It used to be that companies would get good reviews just because they allowed customers to leave reviews on a comment card. Now this didn't guarantee a good review, but it would impress customers that the restaurants were interested in what they thought. Now that it is so easy to leave a comment on websites and over the internet and even on apps on smart phones it's no longer special. Customers now feel free to comment and leave reviews more frequently than ever before. It can be just as difficult to discern why people leave the reviews they do well or bad.

Of course some are easier than others particularly those that are long enough and descriptive enough to tell exactly why. The real problem however is that sometimes people do not always tell the truth when leaving reviews. People let their emotions get the better of them maybe they had a disagreement with someone who works at an establishment and because they do not like this person they go online and leave a nasty review about how the place is just awful. Or they really like the person who works there so they leave a review about how the place is fantastic. People can be extremely unreliable sources.

Particularly when they are angry or upset people start to misconstrue facts to better suit their story. They do this to justify their feelings of anger. For this particular reason I have never really trusted bad reviews especially ones that mention names or specific grievances that really only happen once in a blue moon. I much prefer to look at the number of reviews left for a particular company, this tells me that a lot of people thought it was worth their time to leave a review. Personally I think things would be better if people listened to their mothers and simply if they didn't have anything nice to say they shouldn't say anything at all. A simple silent treatment would be a big enough hint to let people know that whatever establishment is not a great place. It's also a signal to the establishment that they may need to change up the way they do things. In this manner you could avoid the inherit nastiness that comes when people leave reviews that say things like the food was terrible, or the servers were rude and absolutely slow. This kind of negative criticism isn't very constructive and usually hurts the feelings of those that work for the business.

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