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Three Major Reasons Consumers Shop The Web

As one who uses the internet on a daily basis, I've come

across more than a dozen articles written about online

shopping. Most of these articles were written to convince

people to shop more via the internet. These articles also

state that shopping online is more advantageous than shopping

at brick-and-mortar stores because of the low prices on

products. While this statement makes a lot of sense, a new

study suggests that the main reason consumers prefer to shop

online is not the low prices. In this study, shoppers do not

mention "lower prices" as their main motivation for shopping

on the internet. They mentioned, however, these three major


Lower Prices on New Products

Yes, consumers shop online because prices of products sold on

the internet are relatively lower. However, most shoppers do

so because of the much lower prices for new frontier items

such as clothing, furniture, toys, sports and hobby related

merchandise, and of course, health and beauty products.

Better Selection on Food Items

Believe it or not, consumers ranked "better selection" as

their leading motivation when shopping for food and beverage

online. As someone who lives in a country with people who eat

more than three times a day, I would understand why better

selection on food items influence consumer's decision so much

to shop the web.

Free Shipping

For consumers who love to shop for commodity products, their

number one drive for shopping via the internet is free

shipping. But who doesn't love freebies? After all, not

everything you purchase online is cheaper, so it's already a

big advantage to get free shipping for any item you choose to


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