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Bags Are All-Purpose Accessories

Ladies and bags go hand-in-hand, literally! A bag can be anything from a purse, pouch or bag designed from any material or fabric to hold cash and personal items. In the 17th and 18th centuries young girls were taught to fashion small bags and purses with embroidered designs; soon, this led to the creation of stylized designs and shapely bags to go with women's dresses and appearance as they did not want anything untidy or bulky.

In Britain, the term purse is used casually even today to denote a pouch to carry loose coins; its origins can be traced to the Industrial Revolution and the increase in use of public transport likes trains and buses. In the modern era, purses and ladies bags are more in sync in fashion and functionality than to denote anything else.

Bags became more of an accessory to suit various purposes. What began as a container to hold personal items now extends to different functions, occasions and events such as formal, informal, work, leisure, traveling and so on. They are increasingly being designed for specific functions and utility purposes such as carrying cameras, laptops, for gym visits, to hold cosmetics, for overnight travel as in a duffle bag etc.

Bags are sometimes categorized by the types of handles or straps that go with them.

• A tote bag is the name given to a large bag with two straps to hang from the shoulders; it has an open top

• A cross body bag is one with a long strap worn across the body over one shoulder and resting at the waist

• A sling bag has a wide strap or handle that goes across the body and rests on the back

• A clutch is a bag without a strap or handle

Bags are made from various single materials and fabrics such as cotton, silk, leather or combined with other material such as metal, wood, coir, mat, plastic etc. The design and specification depend largely on the purpose, comfort and convenience to the user etc. Luxury bags made from suede, animal skin and fur are customized to orders received from rich and famous clientele by bag manufacturers globally. These are designer bags made in various color options and fine stitching work to add sophistication and appeal, which act as a fashion statement by the user.

Today, people are advised to avoid using bags made from animal leather and skin such as crocodile, snake, leopard or animal fur to preserve and protect the environment and to exhibit compassion to animals which are being slaughtered in the name of fashion and beauty.

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